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Step 1:
Join Your Team of 5
& Encourage Each Other
Throughout The Battle

Never feel alone in your fitness journey. We’ll put you on a team of 5 people that will encourage, motivate and help you reach your goals, no matter if you are just starting out or you’re a fitness nut.

Step 2:
Earn Points By Performing
Unique Challenges
Throughout The Day

Perform your normal workout, 60 second fitness challenges and encourage your team of 5. You’ll earn points that will help your team battle against other real teams within the game.

Step 3:
Earn More Points
Than The Other
Team & Win!

Your team will face-off against another team in a 7 day battle. The team that earns the most points each day wins that day. The team that wins the most days out of 7, wins the battle. Continue to battle against other teams and climb the rankings on our app-wide leaderboard.

Are you ready to join the battle?

Team Up. Face-Off. Get Fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to play?

Yes! EXERT is a completely free app on the Google Play Store and App Store. 

Can I be on a team with my friends or are they randomly assigned?

Right now, teams are randomly assigned based on when someone signs up. If you have 4 friends that are already to start then email Todd at and we can manually put you on a team with your friends. 

How do points work?

Points are used to beat other teams of 5. You earn points for doing certain tasks. Below, you’ll see how you can earn points.

  1. Encouraging others = +1 pt!

  2. Uploading a picture = +3 pts!

  3. Uploading a video = +10 pts!

  4. Completing the Challenge of the Day = +20 pts!

  5. Completing your normal Workout of the Day = +100 pts!

What counts as a workout?

We believe the most fair way to count a workout is one that is 20 minutes or over. For example, if you normally do a 40 minute workout, don’t count this as 2 workouts. Just count it as 1. However, if you were to do a 20 minute workout in the morning and another 20 minute workout in the evening than count that as two workouts. Workouts can be weight-lifting, bodyweight, swimming, walking, etc. Whatever you would normally consider a workout for you. Look at this challenge as a motivational tool to help you, not a “win at all costs” challenge. 😉

How do you ensure that people are doing the challenges and workouts?

We don’t. Again, the game is used to make fitness fun not police if people are doing their workouts. Each user earns points for uploading pictures and videos so this helps encourage team-based accountability for doing workouts/challenges.

What if I have a team member that’s not doing anything?

We recommend reaching out to them via our app. They may be shy and need some encouragement. If they continue to not contribute to the group we do allow you to find a replacement within the app.

Can I do a challenge multiple times and keep getting points?

Challenges are typically one-and-done opportunities. After each challenge you’ll click to the checkbox that you completed it.

Are you ready to join the battle?

Team Up. Face-Off. Get Fit.

Download the app below…